Mother was a prolific writer who expressed herself utterly and indelibly in her letters. She produced reams of both sent and unsent missives. Her packrat behavior has delivered many of these into our hands. We children have saved most of the ones Gwyn sent to us; and she recovered at her mother Becky's death many of the letters she wrote Becky from Georgia, which we have inherited. Characteristically she wrote with a fountain pen in blue ink, and for many years on the aqua colored paper seen here.

  In her '70s she penned this unsent memory (we don't know for whom), from the same West Coast wild oats period referred to in "The Devil Laughs." Her grandmother Minna Kruttschnitt (Becky's mother) and Minna's oddball inventor bachelor son, Gwyn's Uncle John, also figure here. Uncle John, a stock character in Mother's reminiscences, always brought smiles to her face and ours. Once he invented a doughnut-making machine that slathered his mother's entire living room, including the ceiling, in wet dough.


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