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   Mother's surprise marriage at 21 to 40-something Foster Olroyd, a man already twice-wed, essentially ended her artistic output. Unhappy in a long engagement to a rather predictable young man who planned to enter law school, Gwyn eloped with dog-in-the-manger Olroyd on the eve of her society wedding extravaganza. Her outraged parents promptly disowned her. The elopement took place during the depths of the Depression, and Olroyd in the best of times had proved dependable neither as husband nor breadwinner. Gwyn endured a miserable hand-to-mouth existence with this spouse in the successive slums of Houston, New Orleans and Jacksonville. Her lifeline was her grandmother Minna Kruttschnitt, who, along with Gwyn's beloved brother Paddy, secretly kept in touch. She had the courage and good sense to divorce Olroyd in 1939, and returned to England to live with her parents, who perhaps forgave but were loath to forget.

   (Thanks and a tip o' the hat to my cousin Pell Kruttschnitt in Burbank for digging out this article!)

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Article about Gwyn's first marriage