1.  Passport photo of Mother and me, issued January 16, 1947 in preparation for our voyage to the States.

2.  Possibly the only extant documentation of one of Mother's "installations" of found objects. She usually placed them, like this one, on her big kitchen table, which truly was the center of our family's universe. I'm glad I snapped this one in 1983 because it contains the Praying Hands and, partly visible as reddish-brown rectangular object in background, the Bible to which they were originally attached. I triumphantly brought this prize home to Mom in the late '60s -- a musical Bible topped with 3-D mockup of Dürer's "Praying Hands." You wound the music box by turning the clasped hands and they slowly revolved as it played a now-forgotten hymn. This was truly an object worthy of our Flannery O'Connor Museum of the Grotesque, which we populated in our heads. Mom discovered its highest use a few years later. With a crop of several toddling grandbabies, she would wind the box and set it on its side on the bed where a baby was being diapered; the revolving hands propelled the box crazily around the bed while it (the Bible) tinkled away. Never failed to immobilize a squirming kid for cleanup. With such unintended abuse the Praying Hands eventually separated from their base, and lo! Mother reinstalled the separated objects in a different context. The beige bowl is a margarine tub.

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Passport Photo Gwyn and baby Suzanna


Installation: pear with Praying Hands and shells

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