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March 23, 1945: Cliff

"Believe it or not, I wouldn't swap Suzanna now for a dozen boys nor can I ever imagine wanting anybody but herself."

*The gap between the previous letter (1931?) and this is explained by Gwyn's having been disowned by her parents in 1934 as prophesied, for ducking out a few days ahead of her conventional California society wedding date (highly engineered by Becky), to elope with unsuitable dog-in-the-manger Foster Olroyd; then after long misery divorcing him in 1939, and finally humbly recrossing the Atlantic to Rocky Lane, where she spent the war years as a volunteer nurse's aide at a nearby Allied hospital and dogsbody for her parents. Her apologia for birthing a female "instead of balancing up the ravages of the war, as I'd rather hoped to do," refers to her brother Paddy's death in August 1944, shot down in his fighter plane over the Channel by friendly fire.

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