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December 7, 1970

"All of this adds to a good deal of nit-picking responsibility and constantly walking on eggs concerning the cloud-cuckoo kind of trivia -- that become a matter of life and death to obsessive elderly patients -- and slowly graft themselves like many splendored funguses into the fragile media of a mind already pretty well blown from birth."

Gwyn sent this letter and a few following to S & H in care of Gwyn's nephew Jeremy Woodhouse in England. Jeremy and Kristina's house in Marlborough became our base for a very delayed honeymoon after Hugh's discharge from the Army. We had mailed Gwyn an airline ticket hoping she would join us and Jeremy's family for Christmas. Instead we learned that Suzanna's beloved grandmother Emily Virginia Ware was dying and Gwyn was having increasing difficulties with her own autocratic mother's furiously loosed marbles, so she sent Suzanna's youngest brother David in her place.

Katherine Sewell was Becky's beloved housekeeper and Charles Allen was her lawyer.

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