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December 14, 1970

"All rather like a soap opera but the reason the soaps have such a hold on folks is that they approximate real life : which is so much more so than the average soap ─ nobody'd buy it on film ─"

The first page turned on its side forms the final page to make reading easier. I also include below a transcription of Gwyn's writing in the left and top margins. Pell Krutschnitt is Becky's nephew and Gwyn's first cousin.

"I did not take Pell's letter to Becky for obvious reasons ─ no use rocking the boat & she gets so dammned depressed & weird ─ It must be catching(?) GW (I had one too ─) a rather good idea for B's many friends ─ But she mus[n']t suspect I write them or it enrages her."

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