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February 15, 1979

"Yes indeed, I saw Grace Paley on the Cavett show the other night....I am sure that [President] Carter who does his limited best to prop up Kultur in the U.S., must intervene in some way to keep Ms. Paley out of durance vile for her gorgeous caper in the Rose Garden..." *

Hugh and Sue are now in Georgetown, S.C., where Hugh is working as a legal aid lawyer.

* Poet, writer and peace activist Paley was one of my greatest heroes:
"On Feb. 13, ...Grace Paley and 10 associates... are to be sentenced in Washington on a misdemeanor conviction stemming from a nuclear-protest demonstration on the White House lawn." -- Donald Barthelme, "Grace Paley Faces Jail With 3 Other Writers," 02/02/1979, New York Times

Illegible words, in this letter, mostly from water blots, are underlined or noted unreadable below. Words I have guessed at are followed by a question mark in brackets. Gwyn's marked page numbers are usually on the initial side of the page, while the reverse side, also written on, is not numbered. The page numbers she wrote are shown in quotes, while the actual consecutive page count numbering is in brackets.

  • [Page 1] line 4: loved the Valentine
  • [Page 1] lines 10 and 11: things like house-/ hold logistics...the arrival -- syndrome
  • [Page 2] lines 15 and 16: all three: and when you're not/ your[?] wires are crossed
  • [Page 3] Page "2," lines 6 and 7: was Mme Stravinsky, partly because convicts and C.I.A. [unreadable] with/ voice changers and masks to [unreadable]
  • [Page 4] line 14: rotten time
  • [Page 4] line 15: The outrages & cruelties
  • [Page 4] line 16: McCarthy era
  • [Page 5] Page "3," lines 12 and 13: like a rat but it keeps/ ...faster than I can nibble[?]
  • [Page 5] Page "3," line 14: folders shed ugly
  • [Page 6] line 13: the child can hear you
  • [Page 6] line 14: I dare say[?] that works
  • [Page 6] line 15: children are themselves
  • [Page 7] Page "4" line 11: the drought last
  • [Page 7] Page "4" line 12: had a worse effect[?]
  • [Page 7] Page "4" line 13: dreamed of on bulbs &

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