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March 15, 1980
This note has a brief reference to Stanley Olson's biography of poet Elinor Wylie. As a young girl Gwyn knew and loved Elinor and her then husband William Rose Benét, who visited the Woodhouses several times in England. Gwyn's longer letter of September 16, 1983 provides context for the fraught drama involving Elinor and Cliff (and Becky) that Becky would never speak of again. Prior to Becky's death, Gwyn had trepidaciously given information to two Wylie biographers on the q.t., but told me that at her age (13 or 14) she had actually understood very little beyond Becky's implacable animosity towards Wylie.

Transcription: ""My darling Suzy, I hope you will have a lovely birthday. A letter is to follow, but in the meantime I'm in the woozy state of having read Olson's book [Elinor Wylie: a Biography by Stanley Olson] from page 1 to the index without skipping (yesterday & last night --) and must claw through the pearly mists of the beautiful morning (& the inner fog) -- to beat the postman. I keep wondering if when you are my age you will be as awed by Caitlin as I am by you* --      Love ever, Mama

*I keep thinking of that marvellous paper you wrote on Julia Peterkin."

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